Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Final Day

Hi Reads, Alhamdulillah....big thanks to Allah SWT for His blessing to me
Last week, finally my Big Day comming :D
My Graduation day...yippieee.......speechless, no words except Alhamdulillah many times.....
Thanks Allah, one moment in my life was am being SE (Sarjana Ekonomi) Alhamdulillah
Many dreams come true, even sometimes unpredictable....but (again) Alhamdulillah :)
I will post the photo I will post the foto from My BB an My friend's BB....enjoy ^_^

Toga : Azzahra University | Kebaya : Made by request | Sarung Batik : Gift from friend | Wedges : Fleurette | Make up : me

Big thanks to my parents, my family, my friends, my lectures, my teachers and for all of you that I cann't say one by you all ^_^

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Syukron for coming ^^

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