Monday, April 9, 2012

wasTing tiMe

Hi Reads, long time no see....hihihi
dok. pribadi
this post I will share about my (wasting) time @starbuck @plazaindonesia last week.
lastweek, I accompany my friend looking for his boarding house.
we find near his new office at karet sudirman, after that we go to Plaza Indonesia for meeting.
actually, only him meeting wit his partner and me, as usual just be there and waiting for him.
am order Peach Sus, Half Doughnut and Rasberry Juice for my (late) breakfast....
I pay for Rp. 58.000 ,- all my far, thats good, not like when am wasting time at Coffee Bean a few days ago....too expensive for me (only for a glass of chocolate -_-")
so far, for place, price and taste.....I choose Starbuck ^_^

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Syukron for coming ^^

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