Monday, March 12, 2012

Old Town

Hi, in this post I wanna share about a Restaurant in Taman Anggrek.....
This is my second visitting here, and as at the first time, I come here with Peter....
at the first fisit am order Hainam BBQ (am not sure, hehehe.....) and also Pepsi Float (hoaa....too big glass.....)
we sit in same chair with same waitress hehehe.....
now, am order Hainam Chop Chicken with White Coffee Signature Freeze Old Town
honestly, am not really like the food, hahaha....but the atmosphere so good, especially for dinner/lunch with talking.....(suasananya remang-remang gimana gitu, berasa di bawa makan ke rumah seorang kerabat keturunan pada jaman dulu).
Hainam with Chop Chicken

1. Hainam Chop Chicken (CMIIW)
This is better than my first order, hahaha....because the BBQ sauce is so salty (asin) even the rice is good....
but, the chop chicken sauce is salty too, hahahahaha.....I havent choice, must eat I ask chili sauce to waitress.....only for "penghilang rasa asin"
finally, I cant eat the chicken until finish.....hehehehe, just finished the rice......
I give 7 for the food :D

2. White Coffee Signature Freeze (CMIIW)
at this time am ordered white coffee freeze....hehehe, I love coffee very much, so I decide to ordered this.....but I think nothing special, hehehehe....same with other coffee....just add whiiped cream and oreo (or some cookies)
I give 7 for the coffee

thanks to peter ^_^

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