Monday, March 12, 2012

Old Town

Assalammu'alaikum Reads ^_^ want to share story bout my best partner and also my best friend
Last week is bad time for me, when my partner tell me that one of them must resign and go back to china....feel so sadly :'(
At that time, am trying to smile....dont want others know my feeling.....but at last time we meet, on saturday nite (1003) I cant hide my sorrow when we said good bye.....
am know, it isnt just a part of live that must be he said "even we not often keep in touch, but truly friend is always in heart"
yup, am agree bout that.......even we not everyday chit chat, but someday when we meet we still a friend....
Reads, dunno why am so badly when know he resign and must go back :'(
for me he likes my brother (that i neva have), my best friend, my motivation (his experience so much), my partner for discussion (miss our discussion), and also my partner for learn ^_^
he has good personality, so funny (remember my Teddy Bear, hehehe.....) warm and also so humble....hehehehe....
in our last dinner at Old Town, he show me his (ex) girlfriend and his (not yet) girlfriend.....hehehehe...when he show it, his face like a red, hahahaha.......
on the left, I take it @nan xiang restaurant MTA when we take lunch together (tue, 06 march)
above and the middle at Gramedia MTA when he give me a book
and last, when we take last dinner @oldtown MTA

Big thanks for Peter Zhang, take care of your self and see you soon ^_^

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