Tuesday, March 20, 2012

KWK B 10

Hi Reads, long time no see.....hehehe.....
Reads, wanna share about KWK B 10
Last week, I try KWK B 10 to go to Cengkareng
why I choose KWK B 10, because I want to know the route, hehehe.....
KWK B 10 Route is from Taman Kota - Joglo {actually, not only to Joglo but to Budi Luhur University too at Ciledug Raya}
I use KWK B 10 from Komplek DKI Joglo to Taman Kota
so far, its quite bad......because the driver took the car fastly, it make me {the only one pessanger} uncomfortable :(
at Pasar Puri, there are 9 passangers and since pasar puri until Taman Kota, the driver took the car slowly.....
please deh pak, before you so fast, why now when the car full you took slowly....arrgghhhh....(complaining me inside my heart)
it takes 1 hour from Komplek DKI to Taman Kota......and I pay Rp. 4.000,00

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