Monday, February 6, 2012

de Crunch Factory Citraland

Hi, last week my friend's bday....(mba feba on 2nd february) and she treating me and mba ferra at de Crunch Factory Mall Ciputra for dinner
this is our first time here....and we try different food
1. Mba Feba's Choice
am so sorry, forgot to take picture :D
but, she order Aglio Olio Seafood and Ice Sweet Ocha

for me the taste so mom's aglio olio is better than them
and the ocha's...coming with ice and sugar....not liquid, but really granules sugar...
they didnt think ya....cold with granules sugar ???? i cant imagine how it can blend with cold ocha's....

2. Mba ferra's choice
Seafood Presto Spaghetti @de Crunch Factory Citraland IDR 26.000 (exclude tax)
 and Ice Lemonade as her drink (forgot take the pic :D)

 for me, the taste is not really so lah, because the spaghetti made from Spinach (so the color is green) and squid as topping
she add chili and tomato sauce....because she like spicy 

3. Me
Crispy Teriyaki Chicken IDR 23.000 (exclude tax) @deCrunch Factory
am order with Mineral Water
for me, the teriyaki sauce is good...not really sweet....
so far, my order is better than mba ferra and mba feba....hehehe....

but, they didnt serve in plate...but in the box....
yeah, am know...maybe because their tagline "factory" so they serve in bo

with tax, we spend Rp. 95.000,- for all order ^_^

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Syukron for coming ^^

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