Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Lovely Sista's Wedding

In this post, I want to share about my lovely sista's wedding (before she's married, I call him Cin and she Call me chay, and I call her husband abang) bu, after wedding I call her Amih and her husband Apih hehehe.....
because, their nephew and their niece call them like that (and they want their children call them amih and apih) hehehe.....
In the morning, amih just use simply kebaya, because the "akad" start on 11 am and she must ready on 6 am
at 8 am, we start the make up (make up from our aunt ). you know, when our aunt make up amih, the lights off....oh my God....alhamdulillah the generator can handle it ^_^
amih's wedding is sooo simple, love it....

With Amih, berfore and after make up ^_^
with amih and apih after Akad Nikah 

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Syukron for coming ^^

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