Before and After

Assalammu'alaikum Cantik...
this post is about before and after [make up]
at Wedding Party
(ce fifi and ko potti)

 Before go to wedding Party
Printed Shawl : Toko Pojok Kita
Ciput : Toko Pojok Kita
Cardigan : unbranded
Tank Top : U2
Jeans : Logo
Shoes : Toko Pojok Kita
Bag : somewhere in Jogja
 at The Wedding Party
Ciput : Toko Pojok Kita
Veil : Toko Pojok Kita
Gamis/Abaya : Toko Pojok Kita [made by request]
Shoes : Toko Pojok Kita

Trying make up by my self.....ven not perfect yet, but am soo satisfied....hehehe
feel beautiful everytime....because am pretty...kwkwkwkkk... (nasis mulai deh)


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